South America Travelog 1997-1998

church in Castro, Chiloe, Chile

Air Tickets

  Date From/To Flight Dep./Arv.
(A) 12/10 Narita-LA UA890 1600/0835
(B) 12/10 LA-Lima LA601 1300/0035+1
(C) 12/13 Lima-Cusco PL615 0600/0705
(C) 12/16 Cusco-Lima PL433 1035/1255
(B) 12/18 Lima-Santiago LA601 0125/0645
(D) 12/21 Santiago-Putarenas LA085 1100/1510
(D) 12/28 Puntarenas-Puerto Montt LA084 1600/1810
(D) 01/02 Puerto Montt-Santiago LA084 1825/2000
(B) 01/03 Santiago-Easter Island LA841 0900/1225
(B) 01/08 Easter Island-Papeete LA833 2250/2335
(B) 01/11 Papeete-Honolulu HA482 0035/0605
(E) 01/11 Honolulu-Lihue AQ033 0710/0745
(E) 01/15 Lihue-Honolulu HA564 2005/2036
(B) 01/15 Honolulu-LA HA004 2230/0535+1
(A) 01/16 LA-Narita UA897 1050/1525+1
Air Tickets: I bought tickets (A)(B)(C)(D) from a travel agent "Saiyu Ryoko".
  • (A) UA discount ticket
  • (B) Circuit Pacific by LanChile, which is normal ticket (US$1645)
    (A) and (B) conts 263,000 yen +10,000 yen (US Tax) US Tax costs 5000 yen x 2 because of entering US twice
  • (C) Aero Peru discount ticket (US$150)
    19,000 yen
  • (D) Visit Chile by LanChile ( US$250 )
    33,000 yen
  • (E) UA Award ticket
    From Lihue to Honolulu, AQ230 was delayed, and got HA instead of AQ

(*) LanChile's Visit Chile has different prices if you go to Santiago by LanChile or not.

Aero Peru closed its business in 1999
Aeroperu - Wikipedia

Newfoundland Travelog in 1997 - enjoy great nature, Gros Morne N.P.

Purpose of travel

  1. Staying my friend's home at Toronto, and seeing Niagara
  2. Going to some wild place. Algonquin N.P. was candidate, but I decided to go Newfoundland.
  3. Going to St. Johns, which is the city of east end of Newfoundland and the oldest town in North America.


  • Schedule:August 26, 1997 - September 6, 1997
  • Air ticket:Canadian Airlines

    Narita-Toronto-(X)Halifax-Deerlake-St.Johns-(X)Halifax-(X)Vancouver-Narita 165,000Yen+TAX 2900Yen (IT Tour Center)

Maui Island Travelogue 1997



Date: 5-7 January, 1997 (3 nights) United Vacation "Maui and Honolulu, 5 days Budget course": 105,000 yen + 2,200 yen (US tax) / pax + 4,800 yen (one day car rental added) Schedule: 5 Jan. (Sun) : Narita - Honolulu (1900 - 0630) UA822 Honolulu - Maui (Kahului) (0830 - 0900) AQ62 Stay at Outrigger Napili Shores Resort 6 Jan. (Mon) : Stay at Outrigger Napili Shores Resort 7 Jan. (Tue) : Kahului - Honolulu (1728 - 1800) AQ113 Stay at Outrigger Waikiki Surf 8 Jan. (Wed) : Honolulu - Narita (0905 - 1300(+1)) UA821 To/From Narita Airport: Used "JR Holiday Pass" (2,000 yen) to go to the airport, where is in the valid area for the pass. Used "day time Green tickets" (valid within 150km, 3,200 yen for 4 coupons) Rental Car: United Vacation includes Hertz Car Rental. It includes LDW, and I added LIS ($10.95/day). I made it FPO, which was $23.10. Tax was $6.33 and charged $6 by state of Hawaii. Totally $68.28 I paid as an additional cost for the car. The car was Carolla, which was C class size (medium). I drove 223 miles in three days, using only two-thirds of fuel. Maybe FPO was not good. To/From Waikiki: From airport to Waikiki, by Taxi, it was $24 including tip. To airport, used bus from the hotel ($6/pax) Hotels: stayed Studio type room at Napili Shores Resort, couldn't see the sea from the room, it was $140 according to the description on the door, with full-ketchen, room size is enough, no bathtub. Napili Bay was rough and couldn't swim. The hotel has two pools. The room stayed at Outrigger Waikiki Surf was very small as the same as Japanese cheap business hotel.
Wyland Waikiki A Doubletree Hotel
Outrigger Waikiki Surf changed to Ohana Waikiki Surf, then changed to Wyland Waikiki A Doubletree Hotel
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