Contents of this site

This site has lots of my travel overseas years ago.

How and Why I opened this site

When I started up this site, it was built using Drupal. Some day, I found a cool site, which uses Drupal. And I was going to try to build the site with Drupal. At end of 2021, I changed the CMS from Drupal to WordPress, because I feel Drupal is very complicated to maintain the site.

Privacy Policy

This site uses Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and Amazon Affiliate.
For detail, the Privacy Policy of this site is プライバシーポリシー

About me

Monchan is a Japanese guy. He is a software engineer.
It was his first travel overseas he went to the USA just after his graduation from college. After that, he likes to travel overseas and has been traveling to many countries.

Add to this site, I’m running Nyan-Chew’s Digital Life, which is about mobile phones, PC, and others.

You can see pictures of my travels on My Flickr Page

I like to visit temples in Kamakura. I created a site of “Temples in Kamakura” below.

Termple in Kamakura”