Kraft's Parmesan cheese
Kraft's Parmesan cheese

I bought Kraft's Parmesan Cheese at COSTCO. It's imported from USA and very big. It contains 16OZ(453g). I found a description 'WE USE ONLY REAL PARMESAN CHEESE, NOT IMITATION OR SUBSTITUTES'.

I had thought that Kraft's Parmesan cheese was not real Parmesan cheese, so I researched.

Wikipedia - Parmigiano-Reggiano describes very well

Of course, real Parmesan cheese is 'Parmigiano Reggiano', which is made in North Italy. In EU, there is a regulation that only cheese made in North Italy is called 'Parmigiano Reggiano'.

Traveler IQ Challenge

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Do you know where are cities and famous places on a map? To play this game, you need knowledge of their locations. More accurate you click on the map, more score you get.

Angkor Hospital for Children

Booklet of "Friend without a border", I found it at one of a restaurant

There is a hospital in Siem Reap named "Angkor Hospital for Children". This hospital was established in 1999 by Japanese NPO Friend without a border JAPAN ( Friends USA ). It located on the way to the ruins area from Siem Reap town, so you often passed it through.

When we passed it through, a taxi driver said "This is a children hospital". At that time, I didn't know about it, but the driver teach me the hospital was established by Japanese. I also found a booklet of the hospital at some restaurant in the town, then I learned a detail, that Mr. Izu Kenro, he is a photographer, established NPO and the hospital.

Fasting Buddha

建長寺 - 釈迦苦行像

Fasting Buddha at Wat Benchamabophit

The picture right is a "Fasting Buddha" at Wat Benchamabophit, Bangkok. In this temple, you can find various Buddha statues.

In the internet, I found a description of the fasting buddha in Bangkok that it is a replica of the Fasting Buddha at Lahore Museum. But Lahore's Buddha is a little bit different from the Buddha in Bangkok. It's not a replica.

Anyway, for Fasting Buddha, the one owned by Lahore Museum is famous.

Doutor Arigato Fund

I often use Doutor Coffee Shop. I noticed that they operates "Doutor Arigato Fund". I've got a brochure.

This donation is operated in partnership with ASAC, which is an NPO to build schools in Cambodia, and 36,938,453 Yen was earned from September 2000 by the end of March 2008, and 14 schools was built.

[update]: According to the most recent data, 50,565,702 Yen earned (as of February 28, '10), 20 schools was built.

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