Airport announce hearing

For non-native, hearing of English announcement in international airport is difficult.

I found a listening quiz page.

Airport Announcement

After listening to the announcement about 30 seconds, select an answer from four choices. I tried, and found it difficult. After try to select an answer, listen again with watching the transcript. Then challenge to further fill-in-the-blank question.

Try it.

Utada Hikaru and "Istanbul"

In the Utada's album called "This Is The One", the song called "Me Muero" has a phrase below.

Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul Light as a feather

Why Istanbul? I tried to search by google.

Then, I found some comments that "I Love how she says Istanbul". it was interesting for me.
I have no idea why her "Istanbul" is nice. . .

The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom


The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom

At each Angkor ruins, children were selling various goods to tourists.

I bought this recorder at Angkor Thom from some child by $1. It's in a case made of palm tree leaves. It sounds seven notes, C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

I don't buy anything from children usually, but at Cambodia, I did.

Children sell postcards, accessory, etc.

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