When I traveled to South America, there were llamas in Peru. I was surprised that there were llamas in Machu-Pichu. In Patagonia, there were guanacos. There were alpacas and vicuñas in south America.

I tried to make clear the difference between them.

All are members of Camelidae. The vicuña and the alpaca are members of the vicugna genus, and the llama and the guanaco are members of the lama genus.

llama at Machu Pichu
Llama at machu-pichu


Vicuña and alpaca produce good wool, especially vicuña’s wool is very expensive. I have never seen it. Alpaca wool is not so expensive.

The body size of the alpaca and the guanaco are the almost same. Vicuña is smaller, Llama is larger.

You can see llamas at Machu Pichu and around Cusco. There are 95% of Guanacos in Argentina. Alpacas live in Peru and Bolivia. You rarely see Vicuña.

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