Airport announce hearing

For non-native, hearing of English announcement in international airport is difficult.

I found a listening quiz page.

Airport Announcement

After listening to the announcement about 30 seconds, select an answer from four choices. I tried, and found it difficult. After try to select an answer, listen again with watching the transcript. Then challenge to further fill-in-the-blank question.

Try it.

Utada Hikaru and "Istanbul"

In the Utada's album called "This Is The One", the song called "Me Muero" has a phrase below.

Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul Light as a feather

Why Istanbul? I tried to search by google.

Then, I found some comments that "I Love how she says Istanbul". it was interesting for me.
I have no idea why her "Istanbul" is nice. . .
I like how she says, "Istanbul" haha ​​~ XD

School was built by 20 yen per Doutor shop per day in Cambodia

ASAC front page

I wrote an article, Doutor Arigato Fund, Dotor site was updated.

[Edit] According to the latest data, at the end of Fecruary,2010, 50,565,702 Yen gathered. It's 6,267,339 by one year, which reduced a little than previous year. Regarding school construction, in October,2011, an elementary school was built in Kampot Provice funded by Doutor.

The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom


The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom

At each Angkor ruins, children were selling various goods to tourists.

I bought this recorder at Angkor Thom from some child by $1. It's in a case made of palm tree leaves. It sounds seven notes, C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

I don't buy anything from children usually, but at Cambodia, I did.

Children sell postcards, accessory, etc.

Airport and airplane related sound data

I found interesting site while I was looking for airport ringtones.

freesound project

This site collecting various sound data file that can be distributed as creative commons. All data are posted by registered users. You can find many sound data files of an announce at airport, in a airplane, etc.

These are links for example.

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