From London to Greenwich on a boat


I've heard that there is a way from London to Greenwich on a boat. The boat passes under the London Bridge.
So it is also good for London sightseeing with a reasonable price.

The starting point is a London Eye Pier which is just below the London Eye. While some companies seem to operate, but the Clipper is the fastest. I got on the Clipper by chance.

Sunset at Papeete


It may be caused by fatigue of a long journey, I caught a bad cold when the airplane arrived from Easter Island to Papeete, then I was sleeping in the hotel most of the time in Papeete.

After all, I didn't go anywhere except that I waled around the hotel during the three days stay. My impression of Tahiti is stalls called 'Roulottes' in French only, which appears in the harbor in the evening.

Ahu Tongariki restoration was possible by a crane that Tadano Ltd. donated

Ahu Tongariki - Easter Island

Ahu Tongariki is the largest Ahu in Easter Island, which has fifteen Moai on its one hundred meters length of a basement. It was restored in 1990s by a co-project of Chile and Japan. Japanese crane manufacture, Tadano Ltd. , which donated a modern crane and funds, made it possible to rebuild Ahu Tongariki.

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