At Munich Airport


One day in 2012.

On that day, I was at the Munich airport. I finished my job in Turin, then I was on the way to Düsseldorf.

It was about three hours for transit. I was relaxed because only thing I should do on the day is just go to the hotel in Düsseldorf.

Story get on the wrong train in Thailand

While organizing the old travel materials, I found the timetable of railways in Thailand in 1996. It reminded me of that story.

I was planning to go to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, and then go to Pak Chong by train. I had got a timetable in advance. I wanted to take the train leaving Ayutthaya 8:22 in the morning.

The trains from Bangkok is divided into towards the direction of Chiang Mai and Ubon Ratchathani at Ayutthaya. To go to Pak Chong, you have to take the trains towards Ubon Ratchathani.

Starbucks VIA UK version

Starbucks VIA UK version

Instant coffee in the hotel room was not so good, I tried to buy a Starbucks VIA in the supermarket. Although I never bought VIA in Japan, but it seems slightly different to those of Japan according to the Starbucks WEB site. -Japan version has five pieces in the box, while UK version has 7 pieces. -Japan version's one peace contains 2.1g of Japan, and 2.3g for UK version the price was £ 2.09. It says 180ml hot water for one peace.

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