South America Travelog 1997-1998

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Air Tickets

(D)12/28Puntarenas-Puerto MonttLA0841600/1810
(D)01/02Puerto Montt-SantiagoLA0841825/2000
(B)01/03Santiago-Easter IslandLA8410900/1225
(B)01/08Easter Island-PapeeteLA8332250/2335
Air Tickets: I bought tickets (A)(B)(C)(D) from a travel agent "Saiyu Ryoko".
  • (A) UA discount ticket
  • (B) Circuit Pacific by LanChile, which is normal ticket (US$1645)
    (A) and (B) conts 263,000 yen +10,000 yen (US Tax) US Tax costs 5000 yen x 2 because of entering US twice
  • (C) Aero Peru discount ticket (US$150)
    19,000 yen
  • (D) Visit Chile by LanChile ( US$250 )
    33,000 yen
  • (E) UA Award ticket
    From Lihue to Honolulu, AQ230 was delayed, and got HA instead of AQ

(*) LanChile's Visit Chile has different prices if you go to Santiago by LanChile or not.

Aero Peru closed its business in 1999
Aeroperu - Wikipedia


(US1$ = 420-440 Peso)(XPF1 = 1.2 yen)
12/10-11LimaSheratonUS$85++ (by UA's discount)
12/12LimaHotel SanMartinUS$30 w/ breakfast
12/13-15CuscoHostel SingapurUS$18
12/16LimaEl PatioUS$32 w/Breakfast
12/18-20SantiagoHotel TokyoUS$35 w/Breakfast
12/21-24Puerto NatalesHotel Natalino12000 peso w/Breakfast
12/25-27PuntarenasHotel Montecarlo7900 peso
12/28-30Puerto MonttHotel ColinaUS$41 w/Breakfast
12/31Ancud?4000 peso w/Breakfast
1/1Puerto Montt?4000 peso w/Breakfast
1/2SantiagoHotel TokyoUS$35 w/Breakfast
1/3-7Easter IslandChez CeciliaUS$25 w/Breakfast
1/8-9PapeeteKonTiki PacificXPF8640
1/11-14Kauai IslandAston Kauai Beach Villa5000 yen
(*) I booked Lima Sheraton, KonTiki Pacific, Kauai Beach Villa in Japan before a travel, and others were not booked.

Rent a car

  • Easter Island 8 hours US$50
  • Kauai Island Hertz affordable rate 1 week US$172, 10% off by CitiBank/NW card.

Guided Tour

CuscoSunday market of Pisac and Ollantaytambo w/Lunch, w/Guide 1dayUS$25
CuscoMachu Picchu wo/Lunch wo/Guide 1dayUS$85
Puerto NatalesPaine N.P. wo/NP Entrace Charge wo/Lunch, 1day12000 peso
Puerto NatalesSerrano Glacier wo/Lunch, 1day20000 peso
PuntarenasIsla Magdalena Penguin Colony 15:00 - 20:00US$30
Puerto MonttLos Todos Santos (Mt. Osorno and beautiful mountains and lake cruise) w/Lunch, 1day21800 peso

Things I saw

  • Lima Old town, New town(Miraflores), Museum
  • Cusco town, Pisac sunday market, Ollantaytambo
  • Machu Picchu
  • Santiago Centro, Natural History Museum
  • Paine N.P. Gray Glacier, Mt. Paine
  • Milodon Cave
  • Serrano Glacier
  • Isla Magdalena Penguin Colony
  • Puntarenas, Zona Franca (Duty Free Area)
  • Puerto Montt, Angelmo harvor
  • Lake Los Todos Santos, Mt. Osorno
  • Ancud and Castro of Chiroe Island.
  • Easter Island
  • Papeete town
  • Kauai Island(Hanalei, Old Koloa Town, Spounting Horn, Waimea)


  • It's a very good travel. I felt this was a real travel, because of many years blank except few days trip to south Asia.
  • I had a great impressions from Machu Picchu and Easter Island. You don't understand Machu Picchu if you don't go there. I had never tired to look Moais in Easter Island. I felt some spiritual things. It is very far from South America or Tahiti, and felt isolated.
  • Chile is good country. I wonder it's not so popular to visit for Japanese.
  • I talked to many tourists. Some couple are traveling very long after they quit their jobs. US people comes to South America easily similar to Japanese goes to South Asia. Most of Europeans and US traveler are couples of 30's or 40's, Japanese travelers are young or retired people.
  • Spanish language spoken countries are hard but had a very fun. They talk to me in Spanish, they don't care I don't understand. They keep talking, and finally I understand they wanted to say. I wanted to speak Spanish.
About Rapanui(Easter Island), This site is interesting.
Rapanui Language


Wooden Moai

Wooden Moai

Wooden Moai Cava Cava

Woden Moai Cava Cava