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This site has logs of my travel overseas years ago.

How and Why I opened this site

This site is built using Drupal. Some day, I found cool site, which uses Drupal. And I was going to try to build site by Drupal.

You don't need to log on this site. I don't give any privileges to a registered user.

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About me

Monchan is a Japanese guy. He is a software engineer.
It's first travel overseas that he went to USA just after his graduation of a college. After that, he likes travel overseas and has been traveling many countries.

Add to this site, I'm running Nyan-Chew's Digital Life, which is about mobile phone, PC, and others.

You can see pictures on travels at My Flickr Page

I like to visit temples in Kamakura. I created a site of "Temples in Kamakura" below.

Termple in Kamakura"