Preparing for travel

I will go to see Angkor Wat. Then the preparation was started. The necessary one is a visa of Cambodia, an airline ticket, a hotel, and "Chikyuu no arukikata".

Air Ticket

I got an air ticket of round trip for Bangkok, Thailand by using Northwest Airlines's miles. I could spend six days for travel. In March 2008, ticket from Narita to Bangkok needed only 10,000 miles on any day. But ticket from Bangkok to Narita needed 20,000 miles. After all, I could booked a flight leaving Japan on 2nd March, and returning to Japan on 8th March. It needed 30,000 miles and 4520yen for Bangkok airport tax and oil surcharge.

Next, I prepared for round trip ticket of Bangkok / Siem reap. I searched with words such as "Bangkok air ticket arrange" by google, then I found travel agent Program D that I know its name. I decided to use this agent.

A round trip ticket for Bangkok/Siem reap had taken 9800 baht. I ordered by mail and got reply within the day. It's so convenient that you can pay by transfer to their account of Japanese bank. You can decide any day before ticketing limit as a day of transfer. Program D will email a bill the day before the day of transfer. The price is calculated with a rate of emailed day. You can transfer to their account of Japanese bank next day. If you want pay by credit card, you should pay extra charge.

I had to pay 700B for Airport tax and 1470B for oil surcharge. Total price was over 42,000yen. Expensive!, 1470B for oil surcharge. A distance between Bangkok and Siem reap is near between Tokyo and Osaka.


Next, I needed an accomodations. I would arrive at Bangkok on midnight of 3rd March, and leave their next morning, so I need the hotel near the airport on 3rd March. I also needed the hotel on 7th March after return from Cambodia.

I searched by the Internet, then I booked Avana hotel by It's $36 with breakfast. It isn't near the airport because it's located at halfway between airport and Bangkok. Their was not cheap hotels near the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, except for an expensive airport hotel.

It took 20 minutes from the airport to Avana hotel by taxi. It's 220B. A room was big. It's good enough to just sleep. I took a buffet style breakfast at a restaurant beside a pool of second floor. It's open air and a wind was very comfortable. The hotel is located at a little away from a main street. Their is no shops around their.

I booked a hotel located at downtown of Bangkok for 7th March. I would not go sightseeing but just buy Thai rice at supermarket, so I searched a place for shopping. I found Bangkok City Inn, it seemed to good. said it's full, and I had to search other booking site. Finally, I booked the hotel at Octopus travel. 3900yen with Breakfast.

Bangkok City Inn is located between Pratunam and Central World Plaza, and there is a supermarket called "Big C" near there. It's very convenient for shopping.

Next, I needed a hotel of Siem reap. It seemed to be OK to go without reservation. A guidebook, which I bought from, shows many budget class guesthouse that has web sites or email addresses.

It seemed to easy for booking by the Internet. I checked some guesthouses by the Internet and decided to book molly Malone's, because it is located convenient place and WiFi is free for guests. Molly Malone's has a booking form page in their web site, but it didn't work. I emailed them to book. $20 / night, without breakfast.

This guesthouse is located in an old market area, it's very good place. There is convenient store called "MiniMart". Many street stands for foods open in the evening in front of the guesthouse, and along the street, there are many retaurants. It's easy to get food or dinner. There are Internet cafe, massages, and banks also. Molly malone's provides free WiFi for the guests.

But 1st floor is Irish Pub, and in the night you have to listen very loud music. It's very noisy.

Cambodia Visa

You need a visa to go to Cambodia. That's a bother to go to Cambodia embassy.You can get visa at airport. But I found e-visa and tried it. Normal visa takes $20 to get, but e-visa needs additional $5 for processing charge. If you want to get visa before leaving, e-visa is so good that you need not go to Cambodia embassy. You can apply from web page with your picture taken by some digital camera, and credit card payment is available. Here is a link.


"Chikyuu no arukikata - Angkor Wat & Cambodia" is very good for Japanese.

I bought a following guidebook. It also good one. You can buy as discount price if you apply e-Visa.

Siem Reap Travel Guide