Vanderbilt YMCA, New York in 1985

Vanderbilt YMCA in NYC (1985) by Ik T

Vanderbilt YMCA in NYC (1985) by Ik T uploaded on 20 Feb 2010

My first travel abroad is the United States in March 1985. At that time, it's first time to know the famous guidebook, "Chikyu no arukikata". I was surprised at the book which focused on how to travel with tight budget, rather than a tour guide. Then I had gone out because I could do it. At that time, many young people were going abroad than now.

I arrived at New York, which was my first town abroad. First night, I stayed at the good hotel I booked in advance. Next day, I moved to the YMCA. That is the Vanderbilt YMCA. It was about US$12 for single room, shared bath room. I impressed there was a TV in the room even it was cheap hotel.

I stayed four weeks in the U.S., then my style of traveling abroad was made on this trip. It started from the YMCA in New York.