Ahu Tahai - Easter Island

Ahu Ko Te Riku - Easter Island Ahu Vai Uri - Easter Island

Ahu Tahai is a ruin, where you can visit there easily by little walk. I visited there many times during I stayed in Easter Island. Exactly say, it is "Tahai Ceremonial Complex", which consists of three "Ahu" (Moai stand on that).

The most famous is the Moai statue of Ahu Ko Te Riku, which has eyes and wears a kind of hat. Tourists take pictures here at the time of sunset.

Next to this, it's a Ahu Tahai, and next to Ahu Tahai, it is Ahu Vai Uri, which has 5 Moai Statues.

These ruins were restored in 1974. The eyes of Ahu Ko Te Riku is repaired one. the real eyes of moai exists only one in the museum.

モアイの目 - Easter Island 博物館にて

The pupil of the eye is made of red scoria, which is a rock made by eruption of a volcano and Pukao is also made of red scoria. Part around the pupil is made of coral.

I didn't get tired of looking at Moai all the time.