At Restaurant in Turin

グリッシーニとパン - Airone, Torino

ガス入りの水を頼んだ - Airone, Torino

スパゲティ・ボンゴレ - Airone, Torino

サラダ - Airone, Torino

サラダを頼んだらオリーブオイルとバルサミコが出てきた - Airone, Torino

カジキマグロのグリル - Airone, Torino

食後のエスプレッソ - Airone, Torino

One day, in 2012.

After staying in UK for three weeks, I had short trip to Turin. Year, Italy!

Food was fun.

Only one dinner due to stay only one night. It seemed many restaurants were closed because it's Sunday. I asked where was good to go at the front of the hotel. A staff answered immediately, "go to Airone". The "Airone" restarurant is located on the street side of the hotel.

I went to Airone arround 8 o'clock. Greeted by "Bonasera, Bonasera" when I entered there.

I ordered Vongole and grilled swordfish with salad. Vongole tasted of real pasta unlike squishy one of UK. The grilled sordfish was simple but delicious. A waiter brought balsamic vinegar and olive oil for salad.

I thought it was kind of a decent meal, while drinking a glass of house wine.

I asked the coffer after a meal, then Espresso came out.

It was a very nice meal.