At Munich Airport


One day in 2012.

On that day, I was at the Munich airport. I finished my job in Turin, then I was on the way to Düsseldorf.

It was about three hours for transit. I was relaxed because only thing I should do on the day is just go to the hotel in Düsseldorf.

Usually, I walk through from one end to another end at the airport, but Munich Airport is too big and I had a luggage, then I gave it up.

It's good time for dinner. I decided to have a dinner here.

I found a restaurant named "SeafoodSylt", which had a cases crammed with delicious dishes. I found Paella and point it to order. Of course, Beer too.

I sat at the counter, and tried to take a picture with my smartphone. A woman in front of me said:

"Oh, photography prohibited."


"Just joke! You should take a picture of her."

Paella and Beer was very delicious. I would go there again.