Arrived at Lima in the midnight - 10 Dec. (Wed)

First impression when I arrived at Jorge Chavez airport in Lima late night, was that, similar to Southeast Asia. It was a feeling that hot air was clinging to the body. I think about it a little bit more, and feel a little different, the smell of coconut milk is missing. Speaking of Lima, I heard it is very dangerous, and I was fairly nervous. It was the beginning of the journey, and still I didn't have a intuition for sensing a danger. The guidebook "Aruikikata" describes that once step out of the airport, a lot of taxi Barker come by and take luggages. So I was careful but inside the building seems to be safe. I sort myself out, and looking for Airport Taxi counter and currency exchange. It was difficult to find, I have to ask to airport staff. Currency Rate: $1 = s/. 2.68 (s/. is symbol of the Peru Sol) While walking arround, a lot of voices of "Mr. !" came from the entrance. I ignored them and went to the Airport Taxi counter. Airport Taxi is expensive but safety is priority. I paid US$18. Driving swiftly in the dark, I arrived safely to the Sheraton hotel. Room 807. The long first day had finished.