Indian Restaurant at Reading, Gurkha


I visited to an Indian restaurant named "Gurkha Square Tandoori", which located in Reading.

Gurkha is a military units who is from Nepalese mountain. Gurkha restaurant has Nepal Beer, and the manager may be from Nepal.

If Japanese want to have a good dinner in UK, they should go Indian Restaurants to have a curry (or Chinese is also good choice). So, I went some Indian restaurants in UK, and Gurkha is one the best Indian restaurants.

I hope I would have a basic knowledge of the Indian restaurant menu.

There are a variety of cuisine, which waiter explains, but I'm confusing. It's OK to eat they're all various curry.

I was there with my colleagues, so we ordered Curry, Vindaloo, Korma, which contains coconut milk, curry with beans, and curry with tomato. We enjoyed much.