Utada Hikaru and "Istanbul"

In the Utada's album called "This Is The One", the song called "Me Muero" has a phrase below.

Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul Light as a feather

Why Istanbul? I tried to search by google.

Then, I found some comments that "I Love how she says Istanbul". it was interesting for me.
I have no idea why her "Istanbul" is nice. . .


I like how she says, "Istanbul" haha ​​~ XD


Hearing Utada say Istanbul is actually nice too, not because of the word, but because I love how she says it


This song is so catchy it makes me feel bubbly :)) The way she says Istanbul sounds cool: D


I love the part when she says "Oh my lover's gone away, gone to Istanbul" ^ _ ^ ♥ her way to say Istanbul sounds realy like Turkish

I do not know why, but anyway I'm somehow interesting.