School was built by 20 yen per Doutor shop per day in Cambodia

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I wrote an article, Doutor Arigato Fund, Dotor site was updated.

[Edit] According to the latest data, at the end of Fecruary,2010, 50,565,702 Yen gathered. It's 6,267,339 by one year, which reduced a little than previous year. Regarding school construction, in October,2011, an elementary school was built in Kampot Provice funded by Doutor.
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Doutor Arigato Fund gathered 44,298,363 yen at the end of February, 2009. It gathered 36,938,453 yen at the end of March, 2008. Then it gathered 7,359,910 yen by 11 months. It is 22,035 yen per one day. There are 1124 Doutor coffee shops, so about 20 yen per a shop per a day.

I sometimes donate small changes to the fund. When I saw the box, I find a few coins below 10 yen. I also put coins below 10 yen, so it's not so much the amount. But it become a decent amount by collected in Doutor shops nationwide, which is enough to build a new school building.