Ahu Tongariki restoration was possible by a crane that Tadano Ltd. donated

Ahu Tongariki - Easter Island

Ahu Tongariki is the largest Ahu in Easter Island, which has fifteen Moai on its one hundred meters length of a basement. It was restored in 1990s by a co-project of Chile and Japan. Japanese crane manufacture, Tadano Ltd. , which donated a modern crane and funds, made it possible to rebuild Ahu Tongariki.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat view from west gate
Angkor Wat view from west gate

At the afternoon on the first day, I visited there first. Among Angkor ruins, only Angkor Wat is oriented to the west. So, it is better to visit afternoon.

Angkor ruins

How to go around Angkor ruins

In my case, I asked taxi to pick up at airport, and I also asked the same driver to take me to the sight seeing of Angkor ruins. I paid the followings:

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