B&B in Easter Island - Chez Cecilia

When I arrived at Easter Island, some persons who want to take me to hotels talked to me at the airport. I had not booked any accommodation, then I talked with them. A woman explained me her B&B with photo and map. Eventually I decided to go her B&B, Chez Cecilia. US$25 w/ Breakfast. (1998)

[note] This is a story when I stayed there in January 1998. According to TripAdvisor, evaluation is divided in opinions. Some tourists were treated bad.

I talked to another person, but it's slightly higher price. Cecilia sent me there by car. It's OK to cancel after I saw the room, she said.

The car drove a main street of village and went to the other edge of the village. After little drive, Chez Cecilia is there. The location is not bad, You can see the sea from the garden, within walking distance to the village. You can go to Afu Tahai by little evening walk.

Sat, 03/01/1998 - 14:00 - 庭から海が見えるし、夕日も見える。夜は星が綺麗だった。天の川がはっきり見えた。
cChez Cecilia の中庭 - Easter Island

Cecilia is a good-hearted woman. The room was clean and shower was no problem. Of course, there is no TV, no store nearby, but I didn't need anything like that.

I could see the sea from the garden. Daytime, it's a vivid blue sea. Evening, sunset views, Night, I remember that the Milky Way was clearly visible from the garden.