Fasting Buddha

建長寺 - 釈迦苦行像

Fasting Buddha at Wat Benchamabophit

The picture right is a "Fasting Buddha" at Wat Benchamabophit, Bangkok. In this temple, you can find various Buddha statues.

In the internet, I found a description of the fasting buddha in Bangkok that it is a replica of the Fasting Buddha at Lahore Museum. But Lahore's Buddha is a little bit different from the Buddha in Bangkok. It's not a replica.

Anyway, for Fasting Buddha, the one owned by Lahore Museum is famous.

Fasting Sittharatha

Fasting Buddha at Lahore Museum (by silverhouse)

Regaring Fasting Buddha owned by Lahore Museum, its replica was exhibited in the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan. After the EXPO, it was donated to Kenchoji temple, Kamakura.

Add to this, Yakushiji temple has "Fasting Buddha" statue.

Buddha at East Tower

All fasting buddha statues are unusual and impressive.