Brief note of travel of Thai 1992

Name card I made in Thai

Name card I made in Thai

I made this note in 2010, this is a translation in English.

I went to Phuket with many friends in 1992. This is a brief note in the sense to leave the record.

We traveled from 17 March (Tue) to 22 March (Sun). Many of us had a full time work. Little surprise with everybody could take holidays. 20 March was national holiday in Japan.

Our flight is Thai Airways, its price was 116,000 yen. NRT-BKK-HKT-BKK-BRT.

Hotel at Phuket is KATATHANI HOTEL (4 nights), at Bangkok,ARNOMA HOTEL (one night). ARNOMA hotel has 1250B / person, because we stayed in a twin room of 2500B.

In Phuket, we arranged a package tour which includes accomodation, boat trip to the Similan Islands, and sightseeing of the city. It was 11,300 B per person.

My Thai friend arranged everything with a local travel agency. It is very good.

I did not take a camera because I wanted to leave taking photos to other friends.

I remember it is very long boat trip to the Similan Islands. I was sleeping most of the time. The sea was very beautiful.

During stay in Phuket, we were just snorkeling in most of time. I only once had a scuba diving class for trial experience. Young girl who had come from Sweden was our teacher.

I made ​​a name card in the city of Bangkok. I had put name, address, and phone number with a selected picture. I made my name written in Roman letters and Thai characters. Thai character is a phonetic. I asked a shop staff to select Thai characters to be the same pronunciation of my name.