The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom


The recorder I bought from a child at Angkor Thom

At each Angkor ruins, children were selling various goods to tourists.

I bought this recorder at Angkor Thom from some child by $1. It's in a case made of palm tree leaves. It sounds seven notes, C, D, E, F, G, A, B.

I don't buy anything from children usually, but at Cambodia, I did.

Children sell postcards, accessory, etc.

Angkor Hospital for Children

Booklet of "Friend without a border", I found it at one of a restaurant

There is a hospital in Siem Reap named "Angkor Hospital for Children". This hospital was established in 1999 by Japanese NPO Friend without a border JAPAN ( Friends USA ). It located on the way to the ruins area from Siem Reap town, so you often passed it through.

When we passed it through, a taxi driver said "This is a children hospital". At that time, I didn't know about it, but the driver teach me the hospital was established by Japanese. I also found a booklet of the hospital at some restaurant in the town, then I learned a detail, that Mr. Izu Kenro, he is a photographer, established NPO and the hospital.

Various things I saw in the town and ruins


This sign may say here is a dentist

Music band

I saw bands at most of ruins. They have some disabilities by mines and war.



Internet Cafe

There are many Internet Cafe at Siem Reap.

Various things I saw in the town


In Siem Reap town, there are few cars, but many motor-bikes. It is very dark at night. On the other hand, I found Internet Cafes at here and there. A guesthouse I stayed has a satellite broadcast system, and I watched almost 90 channels TV, which includes TV from Thai, China, BBC, CNN, NHK, HBO, AXN and other major TV station.

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